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These are they Defensive Aircraft of the RAF which they defend they skies i live under with i must say they do a good job as well

  Sentry AEW1 The Sentry AEW1 is a Boeing 707-320B airframe packed with the very latest radar and electronic sensors. Easily distinguishable by the large rotodome mounted above the rear fuselage, the Sentry is an Airborne Early Warning (AEW) platform which carries a flight crew of four and 13 or more systems operators. Cruising at 29,000 feet, the Sentry's capability significantly extends the range of ground based radars, giving longer warning time of the approach of potentially hostile targets. Air and surface contacts are detected by its AN/APY-2 surveillance radar and information is transmitted to ground and ship-based units using a wide variety of digital data links, allowing up to 600 low-flying aircraft to be tracked at any one time.

Sentry AEW1

Powerplant: Four General Electric/SNECMA CFM56-2A-3 turbofans of 24,000lb st.

Span: 145ft 9in (44.42m)

Length: 152ft 11in (46.61m)

Max Speed: 531mph (855km/h) at 30,000ft.

Accommodation: Crew of 17
  Hawk T1 In the current RAF training programme, the Hawk T1 is the first jet aircraft that a student pilot will fly. An advanced, and very successful trainer, Hawk is used to teach operational tactics, air-to-air and air-to-ground firing, air combat and low-level operating procedures.Originally developed as a private venture by Hawker Siddeley, the company was awarded a production contract in October 1970 to supply 175 of their new two-seat trainer aircraft to replace the Gnat in RAF service. The aircraft was christened Hawk in and the first production aircraft (no prototypes were built) made its maiden flight on 21 August 1971.

Hawk T1

Powerplant: One Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca Adour Mk 151 turbofan of 5,200lb st.

Span: 30ft 9.75in (9.39m)

Length: 39ft 2in (11.96m)

Max Speed: 622mph (1,000km/h) at sea level.

Accommodation: Two seats, in tandem.

Armament: Hawk T1 - One 30mm Aden cannon pack and up to 5,600lb (2,540kg) of underwing stores (rockets, bombs and missiles); T1A - in addition has inboard pylons for Sidewinder AIM-9 air-to-air missiles.

  Tornado F3 Just as the Tornado GR1 is the mainstay of the strike/attack force, so the Tornado F3 is the RAF's primary air defence fighter. The two airframe types have an 80% commonality. The Tornado F3 is optimised for long-range interception, for which it carries four Skyflash radar-guided missiles and four AIM 9-L Sidewinder infra-red homing air-to-air missiles, plus an internally-mounted 27mm Mauser cannon.

Tornado F3

Powerplant: Two afterburning Turbo Union RB199-34R Mk 104 turbofans of 16,520lb st

Span: 45ft 7.25in (13.90m) - wings fully spread; 28ft 2.5in (8.59m) - 68° sweep

Length: 59ft 3in (18.06m)

Max Speed: 1,480mph (2,333km/h) at 40,000ft

Accommodation: Pilot and navigator in tandem cockpit

Armament: One 27mm cannon plus four Sky Flash medium range and four AIM-9L Sidewinder short-range AAMs